Do Mental Arithmetic Tasks affect Visual Evoked Potential


  • Anju Jha, Parveen Siddhique Assistant Professor



VEP, Latency N75, Latency P100, Amplitude of N75-P100 Arithmetic tasks.


Background & Objectives

VEP is used to evaluate functional integrity of visual pathway. Objective of study is to see that stimulus other then light, during recording of VEP, can change the result of VEP.


200 healthy candidates of age between 18yrs-22yrs of both sexes were enrolled. At first, recording of VEP was done without any disturbance. Candidates were asked few arithmetic tasks verbally while recording VEP for second time.


Analysis of latency of N75, P100 and amplitude of N75-P100 was done. There was no statistical significant difference in latency of N75 and P100 but there was significant statistical difference in amplitude of N75-P100. The p-Value for right eye is 0.0031 and for left eye 0.0299 for amplitude of N75-P100.

Interpretation & conclusion-Arithmetic task makes mental processing very active and it affects the result of VEP thus it must be taken in to consideration while recording of VEP in any patient.

Author Biography

Anju Jha, Parveen Siddhique, Assistant Professor

Jha Anju1,*, Siddhique Parveen2

1Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Bundelkhand Medical College, Sagar, M.P.

2Ex Professor & HOD Department of Physiology, L. N. Medical College & Research Center, Bhopal, M.P.




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Anju Jha, Parveen Siddhique. (2019). Do Mental Arithmetic Tasks affect Visual Evoked Potential. International Journal of Physiology, 7(3), 26–29.