The Effect of Short Term Alcohol Abstinence on Neutrophil Phagocytic Properties


  • Sushma S
  • Sanjay M. Goudar



Alcohol abstinence , Neutrophil phagocytosis, Candida albicans phagocytosis assay, Mean Particle Number


Background : Alcohol dysregulates the innate immunity in numerous ways, making alcohol dependants
more susceptible to varied forms of infections and immunological assaults.
Objective : The current study on alcoholics throws light on the consequence of short term alcohol abstinence
on neutrophil phagocytic power.
Method : 21 subjects meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria were enrolled for the study.Their blood
samples were collected before and after a period of abstinence and studied for neutrophil phagocytic index
using Candida phagocytic assay test.
Result : An increase in the Mean Particle Number(MPN) of phagocytosis was observed in all the individuals
after the alcohol-free period.
Conclusion : The improvement in phagocytic ability of neutrophils post-abstinence provides us an insight
into the ways alcohol manipulates the defense mechanism of the human body .Understanding this might help
us in exploring novel ideas to circumvent the mortality and morbidity in alcoholics.

Author Biographies

Sushma S

1Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology,  Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Fort, K.R.Road, Bengaluru

Sanjay M. Goudar

Fourth Year MBBS Student, Bangalore Medical College and  Research Institute, Fort, K.R.Road, Bengaluru




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S, S. ., & M. Goudar, S. . (2021). The Effect of Short Term Alcohol Abstinence on Neutrophil Phagocytic Properties. International Journal of Physiology, 9(2), 45–48.